Adversary Submission Form

Have an idea for an important character you’d love to see in LitA?

This is the place. You can submit your ideas for adversaries and unique bounty characters here. Optionally, you may design their appearance with the in-game character editor and upload the .bod file. Give the character the correct name, hit “export”, and find the exported file under:


All submissions are considered.

Assuming you list a Discord username you can be contacted by, you’ll be notified if we go with your idea and some of our favorites will be published monthly.

Why This Is A Thing

There are hundreds of possible bounties and adversaries. Coming up with them in bulk isn’t hard. Many are built around a singular idea, like the Shek warrior “Two-Fist” having enormous hands and Skeleton outlaw “Rikki Two-Face” having two heads. Some are built around their beliefs and personalities, like the honorable General Odaa with a bitter past that drove her to walk a noble path. Others are adapted versions of common myths and fabled protagonists.

But here’s the thing.

It’s great fun making these characters. So why not open it up to anybody who wants to get involved?