AI Opt-Out Statement

AI Opt-Out Statement

§1 We hereby immediately and indefinitely WITHDRAW ALL CONSENT regarding the use of any content found anywhere on this website to be used to train, alter, inform, or otherwise affect any form of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE; DEEP LEARNING; MACHINE LEARNING; or similar AUTOMATED, AUTONOMOUS, SELF-IMPROVING, or otherwise ADAPTIVE SOFTWARE MODEL or PROGRAM (whether automated as a whole or in part)

§2 “CONTENT” refers to any subpage, CSS code; HTML code; text; phrase; paragraph; image; video; essay; blog post; user comment; color scheme; or other form of data found anywhere on

§3 In the event that we host, link to, or otherwise draw attention to the works of third party artists, we immediately and indefinitely WITHDRAW ALL CONSENT as laid out in §1 on their behalf for all works that are hosted, in part or in full, on this website, except as laid out in clauses §3.1) and §3.2)

§3.1) In the event that consent is EXPLICITLY given in WRITTEN FORM by a third-party copyright holder to use their works in a manner as laid out in §1, AND providing said consent is displayed on this website, consent shall be considered to have been given, except in such cases where §3.2 applies

§3.2) Should a third party request the withdrawal of their explicitly given consent, “given consent” shall be taken to have been provided ONLY during a time period beginning with the DATE OF UPLOAD of the written consent document and ending with the DATE OF WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT, which shall coincide with the removal of the written consent document