The architecture in LITA is redesigned from the ground up for variety, purpose, and scale. There are dozens of new buildings, hundreds of new furniture props – and truly massive buildings littering the new world to make you feel very, very small.

All factions have a distinct style and feel. Wars and large battles are constructed around setpieces with deliberate chokepoints and funnels to make them more tactical – and more thrilling to play.

Fortresses and faction strongholds are complex, layered groupings of buildings that can spread the fighting over huge areas, creating a truly massive sense of scale.

But it’s not all about war and conflict.

On top of fortresses and keeps, there’s a wealth of densely packed settlements – including cities with multiple districts – to explore.

Cities feel lived in. AI behaves realistically, with well over 60 new ambient animations to bring the world to life.

The new world is forlorn and full of dilapidated and broken factions.

Its people suffer.

The world is harsh.

And the architectural style reflects it.

Interior design includes hundreds of new assets – some of which are procedurally generated.