Artefacts and Global Constants


Global Constants


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Artefacts are rare items that spawn randomly across the game world in high qualities. The artefacts list is used to limit the total number of them that are spawned, and is found at the header bar in the FCS:

Inside, you can define how many of each artefact should spawn:

  • Specialist and Masterwork armours, crossbows, and robotic limbs
  • Rare items like ancient science books
  • The quality and quantity of each weapon model

The artefacts list is independent of items spawned other ways, such as by shopkeepers and building inventories.

Adding Artefact Spawn Locations

Artefacts need to know where to spawn, and to do so you need to define both the towns in which they spawn and the buildings. You’re not placing them by hand – rather, you’re adding potential spawn locations that are randomised on game start.

It’s recommended to use higher artefact values for residents who (might) receive artefacts than the towns they’re in to prevent weird edge cases where things go missing.

Gear artefacts refer to armours, weapons, limbs, and crossbows. Item artefacts are the rare research items used in vanilla – AI cores, ancient science books, and engineering research. There’s nothing stopping you from adding other unique ingredients as artefacts, though.

For debug purposes, Kenshi generates an external artefact list you can use to identify each item’s spawn location. You’ll find it in:


Global Constants

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Global constants are game balancing settings. It’s advisable to leave them unchanged unless you’re making one of the following:

  • An overhaul or total conversation
  • A mod that rebalances an area of gameplay, such as a “combat” mod that specifically redesigns elements of combat, or an “economy” mod that overhauls the game’s economic systems
  • A general “balance” mod

The entries should be self-explanatory with the following clarifications:

  • Build material dismantle percentages apply to each ingredient individually. So, with the default 60% percentage, a building that uses one each of four separate ingredients will return the full amount when dismantled.
  • Max faction size should be capped at 256. That’s the hard limit for player characters and adding more will make the game crash.
  • Carry person weight applies to alll character types – human, and animal.
  • Days per year affects nothing other than biome seasons, which by default are mostly the same in each biome.
  • Avoid setting minimum lockpick chance too high, otherwise players with low-level characters will frequently find it impossible to escape from imprisonment.

When rebalancing global constants for any purpose, it’s worth spending enough time in-game to get a feel for them to avoid unintended power curves and balancing issues.