Project Kathun

Project Kathun

Currently in development, Project Kathun is a total conversion that sees the world of Kenshi converted into a distant, dystopian little rock in a galaxy far, far awy. It adds new races, items, gear, and factions.

But it’s not a mere aesthetic overhaul.

Covering a timespan similar to that of the Star Wars Galaxies MMO, this project repurposes the game world, redesigns its combat, and adds all the fan favourites from the Star Wars universe.

Set on the Outer-Rim planet of Kathun after a mysterious calamity left its inhabitants trapped on the planet’s surface, Project Kathun sees the Empire and Rebels fighting a battle for control of the planet’s surface – with its inhabitants trapped in-between.


Total Conversion mod set in the Galactic Civil War period of the Star Wars universe
Overhaued ranged combat with 35+ new ranged weapons
25+ sets of armour and clothing with many variations
Total overhaul of melee combat including new combat animations
8 new races
20+ new factions
6 droid races
Vehicle combat
Custom sounds and music
Many new lines of dialogue
And much more!


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