Genesis Idea Submission

How to Submit Ideas to Genesis

We give full credit to the people whose ideas we use and value the input and feedback the community gives us.

We use a two-part process for submitting new ideas to Genesis. Some ideas are put on a backburner until we’re ready to use them – insight and inspiration comes from every corner of the Kenshi community and we don’t rush things. We’d rather more people have their voice be heard – whether that’s to submit a new idea or offer a rebuttal to an old one.

1. All suggestions are submitted and voted on via Discord

2. Atlas weighs up each idea in terms of feasibility, design philosophy, and integration with existing lore. Guns, for instance, have been suggested many times, and in our minds, they don’t fit with the lore of the world.

An Explanation of the system

Please bear in mind that I reserve the right to reject any suggestion. While this does happen very rarely, sometimes ideas are already being implemented, have been implemented, or just are not feasible to do. This doesn’t mean the suggestion was a bad one. Just not something that may fit within the overall gameplay thats trying to be achieved. The land should be sparce and the cities dense. Sometimes content just makes a single area too dense.

Players can find the command list for suggestions pinned in the Main announcement channel.