Update Timeline

Version 9.0: Tech & Architecture

Total Tech tree overhaul.

Major city redesign to reflect the changes of tech.

Cities will be designed with the new tech tree design in mind.
Traveling to a city should give players a quick glance of the cities wealth, based on the buildings the city uses.

Vendor list overhaul
This will happen as the tech update progress through it’s phases. Vendor lists will be redesigned from scratch to ensure that traveling for trade is viable and worthy endeavor.

Looting balances and tweaks
The vendor lists tweaks will include loot you can find in the world and more importantly, Where you can find it.

Version 10.0: Dialogue & AI

Fundamental dialogue overhaul with massively expanded branches and variants
This isn’t just “add more stuff in” to flesh out dialogue. No that’d be too simple.

Custom Fully Rewritten AI brings the world to life.
Much of the AI is being tested now. NPC’s trading and selling. They actively work in their towns harvesting, crafting and farming.
These can be seen as base AI packages. They’ll be used to cut down on problems across the game.

Everyone around you will react, talk to you or to each other. Some NPC’s will remember you, some won’t. Guards will ask for money if you constantly try to bribe them while smuggling. Or they’ll let you pass if carrying a high value bounty.

Combining these two core mechanics into one large update cycle gives me and the players full control of how the world reacts to you.
Piece by piece this update will roll out and bring the world of kenshi to life.
I expect hundreds of thousands of lines to be written, if not more.

Version 11.0: East Coast Worldstates

Reconstruction of east coast factions from scratch

New Worldstate overhaul as described in boron’s own blogs.
Partial inclusion of boron’s systems will be included to make worldstates much more dynamic.
Minor introductions of boron’s adversary system.

Redesign of internal faction logic

Version 12.0: Economy

Minor update
This update should only take a month at the longest to make a pass on.

Price adjustments and balance tweaks

General cleanup and maintenance

Version 13.0: Midcountry Worldstates

Broad Holy Nation and Tech Hunter quests

Midcountry Worldstates covering Holy Nation, Cannibal, and Outlander territories

Version 14.0: West Coast Worldstates

Polish for the larger factions

Expansion of Worldstate integration

Version 15.0: Unique Uniques Update

Huge variety of new armour and weapons
Many Bounties in game, unique characters and bosses will have unique loot and gear added to them to make them even more worthwhile to hunt down.

Finalised dynamic faction additions
Factions will have their loot and gear finalized & balanced spawn wise.

Faction identifiers and attributes
Faction stats, appearance, & general identity will be finalized.

Version 16.0: Bounty Killers

Final pass on dozens of unique bounties
This includes the loot, the lore, the dialogue and the final additions of new works.

Bounties have new dialogue, encounters, and decision trees
Do you kill the bounty and steal the loot? Do you assassinate them for the full bounty? But…what if they can lead you to even better loot and gear?

Bounty system faction integration with more depth
Factions will recognize more bounties, they’ll hand out more random bounties and they’ll reward you or even punish you for other bounties.

Full Release
Genesis: The Warlord Update

Final Worldstate pass for all major and minor factions

Factions vie for power of the continent in a Guild collaboration to bring dynamic faction war to the expanded world of vanilla.
Every decision. Every relationship and bounty up to this point has meant something.
Something has awakened in the dark depths of the continent and it’s choosing now to make a come back.

Important Notice

Updates are written out as changes are made in the genesis discord. This gives players a chance to give feedback on the changes as they happen rather than having to wait to read full change notes after an update. If you would like to comment on them as they happen please do join the discord.