Welcome to the Guild

Welcome to the Guild

If you’re here that means one thing: You want to learn to mod your favourite game.

There’s a lot you have to learn. Fortunately for you, though, many have tread where you intend to go before. You’re not in this alone – and no matter what problem, bug, or crash you’re dealing with, we’ve probably already dealt with it a hundred times before.

There are a whole host of tools at your disposal. And on this website right here, you’ll find everything you’ll ever need, including:

Zero-to-hero modding guides authored by professional designers
Up-to-date plugins and tools
Downloadable PDFs to work offline with
Pre-built mod templates that show you everything in action
FAQs for every problem under the sun
Design philosophy on how to write good dialogue, optimise your workflows and build quests that work
External links to resources and outside help
And more…

You’ve come to the right place, drifter…

Welcome to the Guild

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