What Is Lost in the Ashes?

Commonly known as LitA, Lost in the Ashes is a total conversion of Kenshi.
It strips everything out of the base game, rebuilding it from scratch to get the most out of the engine and the game’s potential. Everything is overhauled to turn Kenshi into the complete package – from animation to AI, dialogue to materials, gear to factions, sounds to combat– and even the world map

Nothing is left untouched.

Rise to become a bandit king. Fight in the rebellions. Hunt down procedural bounties or join a major faction as a mercenary. Earn a procedural reputation and throw down with recurring heroes and villains in a one-of-a-kind, procedurally generated narrative that nearly cost me my sanity.

What’s New

Lost in the Ashes contains a wealth of new systems and overhauls Kenshi’s existing ones to squeeze the most out of them.

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