Lost Construction Set

Lost Construction Set

The LCS improves on Kenshi’s modding tool by adding new functions and improving the experience for the user.

Key Features

Grants the ability to give or check for any item/weapon/research/armour through dialogue
Adds togglable unique animal world state checks
Adds new Animal Type enums for new animal race/attack categories
Adds new NPC Type, Personality Tag, and Item Type enums
Adds all missing item types to faction trade cultures
Adds new subcategories to the FCS layout
Adds support for up to 5-hit combat techniques
Adds new togglable true/false flags to better organise your information
Rewrites tooltip descriptions to remove redundant information and add new tips
Rewrites Dialogue Event Enums for an easier overview
Removes redundant Object Types

Full Release

The LCS is currently in closed beta, because I was waiting on the (now experimental) FCS update from LoFi.
That update fixed a couple of outstanding (critical) bugs in the modding tool.
Now that it’s released and on experimental branch, LCS can be updated and will moved to open beta.