New Game Starts

New game starts are fairly simple and they’re a great place to get a feel for the FCS.

The start’s name appears in the New Game panel when a player is choosing what start to pick. Description, style, and difficulty are subjective and you can write whatever you want in here. The “style” types used by vanilla are:

  • Default
  • Challenge
  • RPG
  • Trading RPG
  • Action RPG
  • Wanted Criminal
  • Real-time Strategy

Money determines the player’s starting funds.

If you’d like to force the player to begin in a specific spot, then set “force start pos” to true and input the coordinates. You can find the coordinates of any location in-game by building a campfire and selecting it in the in-game editor. The panel will show you the X and Z coordinates needed.

From the dropdown, you’ll select additional options.

Faction relations: Alter starting relations with any faction

Force race: Prevents the player from choosing races other than those specified

Research: Changes the player’s starting tech tree. If left blank, players will be assigned the “_Default Start” research tree instead.

Squad: The player’s starting squad

Town: The player’s starting town. The starting location will be at the centre of the town, directly in the middle of the town marker. Starting town is ignored if you enable force start pos.