New Systems

The Systems in LitA

Dynamic Relationships

Whether it’s powerful Adversaries hunting you down; town residents forming an opinion of your misdeeds; dynamically changing quests that evolve based on your decisions and world events; or procedural reputation creating new narratives and opportunities for you to explore; LitA is built from the ground up to empower players with sense of freedom and purpose.

Play by the rules – or use dirty tactics.

Become the wandering hero – or burn everything to the ground.

The world, its inhabitants, and the narrative will respond in kind…

Elaborate Architecture

Intricate, vibrant cities lie on well-trodden trade routes, containing the last bastions of fallen civilisations.

The major factions of the world project their strength through the power of massive, interconnected fortresses. Large-scale warfare and siege battles are dynamic, shifting, exhausting affairs that are thrilling to be in the middle of.

And, tucked in treacherous pockets at the earth’s end are insidious dungeons – spawling, multi-layered structures containing that which man was not meant to know

Remastered Aesthetics

Every sword you wield, every piece of armour you wear, and every town you visit: Everything is remastered to elevate the look, feel, and immersion of the game world to a modern standard.

Combat is new and vibrant, with overhauled weapon categories that offer the freedom to fight however you want. Wield two swords at once or resort to crude, brutish attacks. Use polearms as support weapons – or fight with rare and deadly muskets…

Procedural Generation

Emergent factions can rise from the ashes of failed rebellions or splinter from empires to form their own institutions. Wandering bounties and unique Adversaries are randomised from a huge pool of possibilities; and quests shift and adapt with outlier scenarios and dynamically swappable components.

Rare, random encounters are to be found across the wasteland

And even the dungeons vary wildly between playthroughs.