Progress Updates

Performance Problems in Kenshi

Are Performance Issues All Because of OGRE? Everybody says it a lot: Ogre is an old engine and Kenshi runs at a snail’s pace because of it. But that’s only half the story. Yes, Ogre is single-threaded, which slows down the performance pipeline. However, performance comes down to more than an engine. Assets in any…

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Lore of a Lost World #1: The Fairisle Dynasty

The Fairisle? Control damn near every trading post from Varlance to Pilgrim’s Passage. Them tribals, they know to steer well clear and only handle for scraps when their huntin’ comes up scant. The Dynasty owns everything ’round here. It’s not just the water. They own the food, the traders, the caravans, the soldiers, the guns.…

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What’s Taking So Long?

As most people who’ve been following LitA for a while know, development is dragging. It’s been in a murky status of “in development” and “in super secret closed beta” for a long time. And yeah, arguably it was stuck in development hell for a while. Progress To Date There’s been a wealth of progression in…

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