Publishing Your Mod


Once you’re all set, it’s time to publish and start pulling in some players!

Fortunately, publishing is quick and easy.

Publishing on Steam

To publish your mod on the Steam Workshop, you’ll need to have purchased Kenshi from the Steam store.

Launch the FCS from Steam, select the “modding tools” option and you’ll be able to publish directly from FCS by selecting the “Steam Workshop” option from the toolbar:

Setting your visibility to private or friends-only can be a handy way of making an additional backup of your mod files.

Note that you can edit your mod’s description from the Steam Workshop directly, but it will be overridden by your mod file if the descriptions are different.

Publishing on Nexus


Updating on Steam is simply a matter of re-publishing your mod from the FCS, which will overwrite the existing file.

On Nexus,


Don’t forget to add your changelogs.

In general, it’s easiest to keep track of major changes in a separate text file somewhere instead of trying to remember everything on-the-fly. Nobody will care if you don’t list the precise number of wordswap iterations you wrote, but they will care about hidden changes or substantial things that you don’t mention.

Changelogs are handy for you for debugging purposes – and they’re about accountability toward your players.