ReKenshi is currently in Alpha. Planned features are subject to change based on the requirements and scope of the project. JS scripting APIs are still months away from release and I can’t make any guarantees about functionality.

What is ReKenshi?

ReKenshi both adds QoL features for players and extends the capacity of the Kenshi modding community, opening up entirely new avenues of exploration.

Allows in-game speed modifiers to be changed to speed up the game to up to x1000
Fixes Kenshi’s RNG bug that hampers procedural town and NPC generation
Can double max camera distance
Caches shaders to improve loading time
Can compress the heightmap, significantly reducing loading times on HDDs
Can modify attack slots in-game

Moreover, Rekenshi extends the capabilities of mods, allowing modders to override files that previously couldn’t be edited.

Allows modding of hard-coded filepaths, such as the heightmap, soundbank files, and overlays maps
Outputs File I/O for debugging purposes
Logs Audio event IDs like switches and states, making it far easier to create new soundbanks

Planned Features

Currently, ReKenshi’s author (BFrizz) is working on a JavaScript scripting engine to allow for the creating of modding APIs. This feature is far off and in development, yet exists as a proof of concept.

Where Can I Find ReKenshi?

For players, ReKenshi can be found on Nexus.

For modders, ReKenshi can be found on GitHub with additional documentation.