Release Timeline

  • Next Update

    Enormous amount of content.

    A total overhaul of faction wars. Sieges, set piece battlefields, dynamic warfare. Ambient animations, new locations, new gear, Adversaries, reputation, custom weapon manufacturers, random seed generation.

  • Minor Update

    Bug hunt and minor expansions to existing content. Will fix many outstanding issues.

  • Minor Update

    More iterations for faction war system, more adversary and reputation expansions, and a bunch of random world encounters.

  • Dungeon Update

    Four massive dungeons, each with multiple, randomly-selected scenarios for a fresh experience each time.

  • Minor Update

    Minor content expansions and bugfixes. More iterations to faction warfare and starting scenarios.

  • Combat Overhaul

    Total overhaul of Kenshi’s combat system. Greater weapon specialisation; techniques based on weapon types. New block and dodge animations; new animal attacks.

  • Minor Update

    Minor content expansions and bugfixes. Adversary and reputation systems mostly completed.

  • Procedural Quests I

    First iteration of procedural quest system. Stay tuned.

  • And into the future…