World Overhaul

The New World

LitA takes place in the Kenshi universe. But not on the same tidally locked moon.

Envisioned as an expansion of both lore and game systems, the world of LitA is harsh, desolate, and unforgiving. Water is scarce, fertile land a footnote in history.

The world of the present is forlorn. Once rich in resources and teeming with life, it has bellowed its dying battlecry. All that remains is strife, conflict, and the struggle for survival.

Clans, Warlords, Tribals, and Fractured Empires vie for control of a barren desert, enveloped on all sides by lethal fauna, dark places, poisoned lands. Those that would survive must content with the scorching heat of expansive deserts and the icy cold of frozen tundras.

And far beyond an endless horizon in the depths of an infinite abyss, the abyss stares back, dead and dreaming.

Sneak Peek

More teaser videos will be published monthly from February 2023 onwards.